Reasons I deactivated my Facebook

To focus on the present moment. I found myself diving into the world of social media when I could’ve been participating in real interactions. I kept going to check my Facebook while I was with friends or in class, and realized how often it consumed me.

To gain full awareness of my obvious dependency on it, and realize what a huge role it came to play in my life.

To escape from the immense stupidity and absurdity that took place on it. Ignorant and meaningless posts, blind spreading of false information. It has such a negative effect on my view of humanity, and we all need to free ourselves from it. I reactivated my facebook today, and was bombarded with mind-numbing videos and posts. Maybe if we all had a wordpress our culture wouldn’t be heading for the fucking landfill.


One thought on “Reasons I deactivated my Facebook

  1. Reblogged this on SBI Training Solutions and commented:
    I found a rebel to Facebook and wanted to read the reasons WHY. Now that I have read those lines, I realized there is an enormous GAP between the 2 worlds that we construct to ourselves sometimes. On the one hand, we are encouraged to build our own personality (the concept of “individualism” applicable to the Western World) which leads to independence and freedom of action, and on the other side of the scale, one is reminded that we are part of ONE whole universe, and that what one does may affect the other one (maybe mirror image) on the other end of the universe (theory of Quantum Physics). FB, to the eyes of the Vietnamese community, is a FREE SPACE where people do not feel spied on, just like KARAOKE is a destressing technique for the Japanese. So one can choose to go back to our own dark corner, talking to ourselves (like Anne Frank did during world war II) and waiting to be read and sharing one’s views some decades, or centuries later, if one has the merit to be brought to that level, OR, one chooses to select among a mountain of chaos, and find the golden thread that leads to the TRUTH. Thank you for sharing your view, and if you are not against my reblogging, I will gladly share it with my community of Vietnamese students who are taking a FREE online course to improve their English under my guidance. Have a nice day. Anita H.


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