Lovely days

Today I am thankful for my friends, dogs, lovely views,  bare feet, and music.

We all got together and went on this beautiful trail. I climbed boulders and walked paths bare foot in 40 degree weather, and it was both challenging and motivating. We went back to my friends place, where I hooped my heart out for the first time in weeks, and blew some inexperienced minds. I jammed on the guitar, ukulele, and djembe. We got pizza, drank some beers, and I came home.

Seven people have told me I’m intimidating this week. Some men say it’s because I’m intimidatingly “beautiful” which sounds like a load of horse shit to me, and some women say it’s because I seem “cool”. My friends say it’s because I’m real, honest, and true, and you probably wouldn’t want to fuck with me. And you know what, I finally see why they might say that. People are afraid of honesty, or rather, intimidated by it.

Needless to say, I feel amazing. I’m embracing every moment, loving myself, being loved, and loving others, and what more could one ask for?


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