This too shall pass

I’ve been sick. In the past year I’ve really been sick.

I’ve had pneumonia in the dead of summer. With a 102 fever, chills, sweats, body aches. I cried one night because I was in so much pain. I wondered if my pain tolerance was low, or if I really was just incredibly sick.

I’ve had pityriasis rosea. Generally a harmless rash, but for some people, the rash itches. I became part of that lucky group of people. For many months I had these bumps all over my skin that itched, that I couldn’t cure, that I couldn’t diagnose. Over time, it too faded, and the suffering along with it.

Not this time. This time, I have scabies. A mite that burrows in your skin, lays eggs, and leaves debris (feces if you couldn’t catch on). The side effect is a heinous, extraordinarily all-consuming itch that will, over the course of their stay, drive you into insanity. I fell into a depression, I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin. It is called scabies because you itch it so hard and so much that scabs form and leave scars.
The treatment? A carcinogenic insecticide cream you put all over your body. Over the course of a month it kills the mites and hopefully eggs, leaving debris in your skin that STILL makes you insanely itchy for a whole month after. That is if it works.

I am in the healing phase right now. I am writing this to remind myself–this too shall pass. The scars will fade, and with them the memory of the itch. What seems like the world now, is only a learning experience, something that makes you stronger. So, future me, congratulations on being stronger, wiser, and healthier.



Daily dose of advice

Never forget to exercise your soul, body, and mind. I exercise my mind through my education every day, my soul through music, and my body through yoga and hoop dancing. Stop wasting away in front of screens. You’ll wake up in five years and wonder “What the fuck have I been doing with my life?” I urge you to find your passions and exercise them every day. And if you already do that, keep on keepin on.