Gas Prices

You may have noticed gas prices are down. The media has different explanations for this but as we know our trusted media can usually not in fact be trusted.

In my “Politics of the Middle East” class today, Dr. Jomaa asked the class if they knew why this was happening, if they had even stopped to question it. After calling on student after student, coming up with more and more complicated and unrelated explanations for why this was so, she gave us her insight.

It is a well known fact that ISIS has hijacked several oil mines, and this is their main source of income. It is also known that Turkey is buying oil from them, but what is not known or publicized is that all countries, including our Land of the Free, is also purchasing oil from the extremist organization. They’re doing this because ISIS is pushing the oil on a black market, at substantially lower prices.

The very terrorist organization we claim to be fighting, we are funding. The more you know.