Science of Astrology — Is it real?

I have always been a firm believer in Astrology. In fact, I recently got into a heated argument with my roommates about whether it was real or not. I could not believe how ignorant they were. So I decided to do some academic research and turned to good ole’ JSTOR (if you want learn, go there). I found an article “Scientists look at Astrology”. I thought, here we go! Some scientific evidence!

Instead I found a lengthy explanation of how Astrology is a pseudoscience (a science that is based on no real tested research and cannot truly be demonstrated to be real). As I read, I realized that there is actually no proof of there being any relationship between the stars and our personalities and dispositions. And when you think about it, how is there any possibility that the position of the stars at our time of birth has any correlation with how we end up? And even if by some miracle there was a possibility of this, psychologists found that “By offering the public the horoscope as a substitute for honest and sustained thinking, astrologers have been guilty of playing upon the human tendency to take easy rather than difficult paths. […] The result of this confusion is to prevent those people from developing truly scientific habits of thought that would help them understand the natural, social, and psychological factors that are actually influencing their destinies.”

Conclusion? There is no evidence supporting astrology, except that it has been used since Babylonian times in several cultures until present day. Then again, so have the Biblical stories. The truth lies in whatever you wish to believe.

For more information here’s the article.