Beauty of Life

Life has been a series of unfortunate, and overwhelmingly beautiful events.

There’s things like last night. Where my friends came out from 40 minutes away to practically push me to go on stage at open mic. By the time I went on, the crowd was full of loved ones. By the time I got off, I was glowing. To express yourself musically on stage, putting yourself on the line, and to be received so wonderfully by a room full of loved ones, is a feeling I won’t forget soon. I was so overwhelmed with love on my way home, tears welled up in my eyes.

And then this morning. When I woke to an e-mail, with my official acceptance letter to the University of Melbourne, Spring 2015. Yes, I will be in Australia in 3 months. Yes I will be leaving all my possessions and loved ones to go half way across the globe. Yes I am scared and excited and overwhelmed all at the same time.

But that’s exactly what life is about.